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Jack Chick Comics Are HILARIOUS!

Anyone remember this doozy?

My Name in the Vatican?

I was out and about today and ran across a Chick Tract. I had not seen one in a while. In fact, the last time I saw one was when I was helping Jimmy Akin put together his book, The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick.

Jimmy wanted pictures from the Chick tracts in his book so people could see what they looked like, and then he would give the reader a response to each of Chick’s silly claims. We only had a few of the tracts laying around the office of Catholic Answers, and we needed the others to complete the project. So I had the bright idea of ordering the tracts myself. I gave them my personal P.O. box as the mailing address.

They sent me the tracts I needed, but they also sent me regular anti-Catholic magazines and flyers with a return envelope. My wife was becoming irritated with the mail we were getting from them (I can’t say I blame her), and she asked me to make it stop.

When Jimmy’s book was finished, I bought a box of them and brought them home with me. Every time I got Chick stuff in the mail, I responded by stuffing their envelope with one of Jimmy’s books and sending it back.

After a while, I stopped getting mail from them. 😉

Long Time, No See. Let’s Talk About Evolution!

Human – business evolution

I haven’t written a new blog post since…well…forever. But for good reason! I have been very busy at Catholic Answers working with the web admin on improvements to the site (hoping to launch a new and improved version of before too long) and our events department. If you have been out and about to any of the big Christian gatherings (March for Life, World Meeting of Families, LA Religious Ed. Congress), then you may have run into me or seen a Catholic Answers booth there. As the events department becomes better at what they do, we hope to increase our presence at gatherings like these in the coming years.

Now that we have that out of the way…I heard an interesting question regarding evolution at work the other day. It had to do with entropy (the universe’s gradual decline into disorder) and evolutionary biology. If species are improving through natural selection, how does that square with an overall gradual decline?

I found a very helpful article on misconceptions about evolution that answers part of this:

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An “Honorable Mention” by DM Murdock


Several years ago, I wrote an article for Catholic Answers Magazine titled Horus Manure: Debunking the Jesus/Horus Connection.  Tim Ryland (the editor) and Karl Keating were kind enough to  give me permission to post it to my own site. Since that time, it has consistently received hundreds of views every day, making it by far my most popular article.

The meat of it centers on an internet film called Zeitgeist, which claims the details of Jesus’ life as recorded in the Bible were really taken from ancient Egyptian myths about the falcon-headed war god, Horus. The film relies heavily on the pseudo-scholarship of one DM Murdock (aka Archarya S). She is obviously aware of my article, having said the following nice things about me on her Facebook page:

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